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commodities Industry Trading

Your customers Want to Use Email? You want to Digitize? No Problem with TradeCloud!

How TradeCloud Enables Communication with off-Platform Counterparties. At TradeCloud, we are obsessed with streamlining communication for commodities companies. This is a complex task that includes multiple stages in the lifecycle of a physical trade, from deal origination to managing logistical functions with third-party service providers, often involving 3-way communication between stakeholders with their own unique

Houston, We Have a Solution!

Expanding TradeCloud’s Digital Frontier to the USA Since its founding in 2016, TradeCloud’s suite of communications tools have been instrumental in making commercial and operational processes for commodities companies more efficient, secure, and transparent. Now, we’re taking our mission to the Lone Star State’s biggest city and the energy capital of the world. As we seek

The Energy crisis is wreaking havoc on the European metals industry. How will this impact the 2023 annual contract negotiations?

A perfect storm for the European metals industry – high energy prices, tight labour market, and weakening demand. We have seen nonferrous production curtailed across the whole continent as gas prices have soared. At the same time, metal prices have been in decline from their recent highs as demand forecasts are continually set lower. Consumer