Expanding TradeCloud’s Digital Frontier to the USA

Since its founding in 2016, TradeCloud’s suite of communications tools have been instrumental in making commercial and operational processes for commodities companies more efficient, secure, and transparent. Now, we’re taking our mission to the Lone Star State’s biggest city and the energy capital of the world. As we seek to grow our presence in the USA, Houston represents a significant step towards bringing our communications platform to a vast, complex, and exciting new market.

As we prepare to be on the ground in September to carry out trials with customers and develop new leads, here is a brief reminder of how TradeCloud can enhance your physical trading and logistics workflows:

  • Price discovery and deal origination: TradeCloud Energy, our pre-trade application, enables users to send and receive bids and offers, effortlessly compare key deal parameters, and ensure you secure the best terms.
  • Contract negotiation:Say goodbye to cluttered emails and chat logs, and streamline your deal negotiations with our purpose-built contracting tool. Each step of a deal is documented chronologically, ensuring all changes are easily identifiable within an auditable communication history. Once terms have been agreed, seamlessly conclude deals with our automatic digital contract generation feature.
  • Contract execution:The TradeCloud Commodities Web is our post-trade solution for managing your supply chain activities while executing physical deliveries. Permissioned users can communicate, and send & receive documentation in this shared workspace throughout the lifecycle of a deal, through to auditing and the liquidation of the deal.
  • ESG compliance:In the face of a continuing global shift towards sustainability and corporate responsibility in the energy sector, visibility and transparency are more critical than ever. The TradeCloud Commodities Web supports emissions reporting, complete with blockchain traceability, providing the basis for companies to demonstrate ESG compliance with trusted, verifiable data.
  • Systems integration:TradeCloud integrates with a range of systems to provide market news, goods-tracking, and other services. We also work with customers to integrate with your risk management systems, minimizing manual input and reducing the likelihood of costly errors.

If your company is involved in the purchase or sale of energy products, you are fed up with using outdated communications tools, and are on the lookout for more efficient, secure, and streamlined processes, TradeCloud is the company to deliver solutions that make a real impact on your day-to-day operations and your bottom line.

We welcome you to reach out for a discussion on how we can bring about a positive transformation to your business. Or don’t be surprised if you find us knocking at your door soon!