Many of our customers have expressed interest in receiving advice and guidance on different aspects of their business. Our reaction has been to launch a bespoke consultancy, whereby our customers can benefit from our wide experience in the following fields,

Trading and marketing

  • Assistance in establishing and running your strategies
  • Hedging advice
  • Financing advice and assistance
  • Establishment of tools such as p&l, marked to market, demand and supply balances etc.

Operational excellence

  • A-Z “Health check” of your trade cycle processes and procedures
  • Advice on ERM/CTRM choice, adoption, monitoring and overall use
  • Working remotely in a controlled manner
  • Establishing controls and transparency without hindering commercial activity
  • Recruitment / Team structuring / Training

Digital transformation

  • Ensuring your branding, website and digital marketing accurately reflect your company and reaches your target audience
  • Ensuring that your internal and external communications are secure, transparent and efficient
  • Ensuring you make the most of available digital tools to reduce risk and increase profitability
  • Smoothly integrate your digital solutions into your existing teams, work flows and procedures
  • Keeping up to date with available technology to ensure you continue to benefit from advances

Branding, website optimization and digital marketing

We recognize that these areas are often neglected in favour of the “more pressing” day to day activities. Key personnel are often too busy to give this important area time.

We have joined forces with Volo Global, our trusted partner, to provide a series of services around branding, website content / design and on-going digital marketing to compliment your company’s digital vision.

Included in the offering is video creation, both in animated and “interview” form, which are becoming essential ways to reach your customers with your messaging in the digital age.


Please contact us at to discuss your specific requirements.