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Our Security, Your Trust

At TradeCloud, we are committed to keeping your information private and secure. After all, trust is a vital ingredient to our success. The only way to achieve this is to run strict security protocols. Security has been built into the platform from the ground up. Every aspect of TradeCloud has been designed and reviewed from a security perspective.

Data Storage

TradeCloud uses Microsoft Azure Cloud to store all data. Whilst the Cloud has many convenient features to flexibly store information, security is becoming one of the key reasons why companies are converting to Cloud based solutions. Recent vulnerability testing has shown that Cloud based services are significantly more robust than standalone systems. Azure Cloud has been built on Security Development Lifecycle principles (“SDL”). Under SDL principles, security is considered from the initial build, up to deployment. Azure Cloud is ISO Certified and has a 24/7 cyber security team proactively scanning for potential breaches.

Code And Deployment

TradeCloud’s platform has been designed and built by people with a clear understanding of current security challenges. Code has been written so that it is robust; it is reviewed for security and tested for vulnerabilities. Prior to deployment of any applications, we undertake stringent testing from a security perspective.


The hosting of TradeCloud’s platform has been carefully thought out. Considerations, such as system availability, speed and data back-up have been key to its design. We have fail-over servers should any particular element fail or malfunction. Data is continually backed up. Our system is Cloud based giving adequate flexibility over capacity as required. On top of this our Development Operation Team are continually monitoring the health of the system.

Validation And Passwords

The validation of participants on TradeCloud’s system is of fundamental importance to the integrity of its operation. We have a specific onboarding process to check the authenticity of registrations. Furthermore, through the TradeCloud administration feature, we give validated companies the ability to add and delete participants operating on their behalf on the platform. We have a password process whereby the system will generate a link. Once this link has been clicked the user will be required to enter their password details (This only happens after the customer has been validated). This means that only the individual will know their password It is essential that individuals keep their password details safe and do not share them. We will never ask for password details by phone, or email.


We have TradeCloud specific security layers on top of Azure Cloud. One of the most important of these is for data in transit. We have applied strong end-to-end encryption to all data transfers. On TradeCloud, you will be able to chat, send proposals and exchange documents within a secure environment.

Security As An Ongoing Process

We monitor the platform for potential breaches, security defects and other weaknesses that may have an impact on the security of your data. The latest security patches will be applied as soon as available. We are constantly looking at security developments and the latest technology offered in the market.

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