TradeCloud is pleased to announce its link up with Global Relay to provide a compliant monitoring solution.

TradeCloud Chat is the first dedicated chat designed specifically for the physical commodities industry.

Global Relay provides compliance solutions to over 20,000 clients globally; monitoring email, chat and more.

The key features of TradeCloud chat are:

  1. Desk Top, Tablet and Mobile solution, fully syncronized over all devices
  2. Group Chat; so you can always keep your colleagues in the loop
  3. Deal Chat; that automatically links chats with deals. So no filing and no guessing what deal the chat refers to
  4. All Chats stored securely on Microsoft Azure Cloud, with end to end encryption
  5. Fully monitorable on the Global Relay platform; giving a compliant solution for all digital communications
  6. Free to use for all companies registered on the TradeCloud platform