The big topics discussed in Season-1 were Cyber Security​and #Risk​of Fraud in #TradeFinance​, how #Digital​can help, and the practicalities of starting this Digital #Journey​.

You can jump into the topic of your interest by following below timestamps:

At 01:56​min – Daf Davies introducing the Panellists

At 04:00​min – Andrew Glass took over to start the discussion

At 05:19​min – John MacNamara answers “Which parts of the physical commodity supply chain – that impact upon the security of trade finance – are ripe to benefit from digitisation?” At

19:42​min – Damien De Rosny answers “We have all heard about the recent, high-profile cases of fraud. What exactly happened and what were the real impacts?”

At 30:59​min – Michael Bourdier answers “What have we learned from these experiences and what do we need to focus on – technology and otherwise – to make a progress?”

At 46:28​min – Marilynn Zamuz answers “How can digitisation be used to mitigate the risk of fraud in trade finance?”

At 51:30​min – Daf Davies answers “Digitisation is a journey, not a big bang event. How do players begin their digitisation journey and what are the first steps?”

At 55:29​min – watch TradeCloude Commodities Web promo

At 59:30​min – Closing Thoughts by Matthew Botell Loved Season-1? Season-2 coming out soon!

Stay tuned!