When it comes to software, a “quick win” is better than a “long-term goal”. This is why SaaS (software-as-a-service) has become so popular in the past 10 years.

At TradeCloud we can onboard you and your team within 48 hours.

Everyone knows that large scale IT projects are fraught with danger. They take up a huge amount of internal resources and cost big money. The result is normally something that is over budget, delivered late and scaled back. In over 25% of cases, IT projects are a total failure.

The reasons for disappointment can be many, but common examples are;

  1. Unclear objectives
  2. Unrealistic schedule
  3. Shifting requirements
  4. Unaligned team

But the bottom line is that most companies are not equipped to do this. A mining company is not an IT company. A trading company is not a software developer. An oil producer is not an expert on cyber security.

At TradeCloud, we pulled together over a 100 years of commodity trading experience with an equal amount in information technology. The result was to produce a platform that works.

In the words of one customer, “TradeCloud is the best platform I have seen by a long way” or another who commented, “TradeCloud is the most sophisticated of the platforms available.”

Software should be available to save you money, increase your efficiency and make you more secure. Why do anything else?