With TradeCloud Marketing you can easily buy (or sell) commodities without giving yourself away.


The latest innovative feature from TradeCloud

In any B2C market, advertising is a key component of success. Companies allocate impressive yearly budgets to ensure target customers are very much aware of their products.

Metals markets and commodities in general, have a fundamentally different approach. Advertising what you have (showing a bid, offer, or your stock position) is often perceived “giving the game away”.  This “culture” tends to entertain inefficiencies, and buyers and sellers usually win the game by collecting better or more pieces of information. These are then assembled like a puzzle to finally have the full picture.

This self-imposed complexity certainly has its charm, but in an environment of tight margins, little differentiation between competitors, and data becoming always more accessible, its glory days may be coming to an end.

Habits tend to survive long after they have served their purpose, leading to transitional stages where “new” and “old” worlds co-exist. At TradeCloud we aim to serve the industry’s best interests and add value to our customer’s business. We don’t believe in disruption just for the sake of it.

We offer the possibility of utilising technological efficiency, without compromising confidentiality.



1)          Send a proposal to the whole market and share the level of detail you wish to share

 2)          Send a proposal to one (or a few) selected counterparties you specifically want to target

3)          Send a proposal to guests off the platform, who you choose to invite

4)          Or, TradeCloud Marketing sends a proposal on your behalf broadcasting your trade anonymously


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 About TradeCloud


TradeCloud is a communications platform designed specifically for the physical commodities industry. It provides a secure and compliant environment, open to all market participants. This helps TradeCloud members find the commodities they need at competitive prices.

TradeCloud has plans to provide a network of post trade services such as logistics, finance, and documents, all connected on the TradeCloud Commodities Web, centred around blockchain technology.

For more information, please visit www.tradecloud.sg

Contact: info@tradecloud.sg